The Timeless Popularity of Persian Rugs

The Timeless Popularity of Persian Rugs

Known for their exquisite and unique designs and attractive colors, Persian rugs are famous throughout the world, and all for good reasons. From antiquity to modern times, Persian rugs are entrenched in deep history and draw freely from the rich tradition of Turkish culture. Among all types of rugs available in the market worldwide, the appeal of the Persian rigs has been universal.

Distinguished by their vibrant colors and knotting technique, Persian rugs are defined by their unique weaving style and craftsmanship. 

As the Persian rugs are generally manufactured in Iran they carry the burden of oriental tradition and hold the symbolic significance of wealth and connection to Iranian history, which is why so many people around the world love and admire them. 

The makers of the Persian rugs add to their value and popularity. Generally, these rugs and kilims are similar to others but their creators combine their extensive skills and expertise to add much to the designs and give it a unique touch to every single rug. 

The quality of Persian rugs is unparalleled. One of the reasons why people are attracted to them is primarily in their superior quality and durability. The high-quality material and durable design make each one soft and magically turn an average looking room into a showpiece. As the Persian rugs are made from wool and silk they are trustworthy in quality and this is the primary reason why Persian rugs remain so popular among people. 

Persian rugs, as the name suggests are made in Iran, however, they are further distinguished by the various regions and tribal manufacturers. The tribal rugs – which are mostly handmade – have a simple pattern on them as compared to the city rugs which are made with the latest designs and patterns.  The reason why tribal rugs have the most simple yet delicate patterns is that the villagers use their tribal memories to make patterns and may not follow the detail of the pattern in most cases. While the city rugs have a more detailed design and are rich in colour and uniqueness. Nevertheless, both of the rugs — the city and the tribal rugs, are popular for their own reasons and they continue to remain on the list of top rugs that are being sold worldwide. 

These are simply more than floor coverings; they are the artistic work of artisans. Unlike other rugs which may compromise on quality, Persian rugs are made with all silk, natural wool and vegetable dyes rather than ordinary materials. Their popularity and attractiveness lie in their beauty and almost magical ability to impact a room and home, that can never be underestimated. 

Although Persian rugs are usually found at a higher price point because of their craftsmanship, their demand and popularity continue to increase. One reason for this phenomenon is the uniqueness of Persian rugs, which showcase the artistry of the craftsman. If you happen to look at some Persian rugs at the local flooring store you will notice that each piece is unique with its distinct design and style. This uniqueness equates to rarity which ultimately results in increased value. Because of this dedication to tradition, careful craftsmanship, high quality and durability, Persian rugs will continue to be enjoyed by the generations to come.