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Different Styles of Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are not only popular for their fine quality and durability but also the diverse range of styles and crafts woven within them.  They are considered extremely luxurious, owing to the mastery and craftsmanship required in their creation But what primarily makes them most prominent and distinguishes them from the rest, is the myriad style and unique characteristics that each possess.  Being among the oldest, the introduction of Persian rugs date back to the times of ancient Greeks when artisans used to craft the rugs by hand, and these handmade woven rugs were as popular as they are today.

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Caring for your Rug

Modern or traditional, small or large, old or new, rugs are the most innovative accessories to give new life to your room or home. However, their everyday use can slightly dim their spark when they are pressed by furniture or have accumulated dirt on the surface or accidentally stained.  Nevertheless, their presence alone adds to the beauty of the home and thus they deserve our ultimate care to keep them clean and maintained, which not only increases their life but also helps in boosting its appearance, which will ultimately enhance the room’s entire look, as well.  Yet, taking care of

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Persian And Oriental Rugs And Kilims

If you are into home decoration, you definitely know the amazing quality and unmistakable value of Persian and Oriental rugs and kilims. The eye-catching designs, colourful weaves and unlimited varieties make Persian and Oriental rugs and kilims truly unique and mesmerizing. The word ‘kilim’ comes from Turkish origin. It basically refers to a pileless rug. When talking about the method that is used to make Turkish rugs or Oriental rugs, it’s usually called the “flatweaving” technique. It has an inextricable connection with the geographical area consisting of Turkey, North Africa, Afghanistan, Iran, China, and Central Asia. The Differences Between Kilims

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