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Rugs Cleaning & Services In Oxnard

Oriental Rug Cleaning - Hand Washing vs. Machine Washing - Oriental Rug  Salon

ABCRUGSKILIMS.COM is made from luxurious materials and with their beautiful coloring, they bring life into the warmth and beauty of our houses, their designs make them especially admirable and exquisite pieces of fine art, and they need to be taken care of regularly and properly in order to keep their look longer.

Spotless And Clean 

No matter what kind of rug you own, now you do not have to worry about rug cleaning services anymore, because our experience rug cleaning operatives are right here to help you. Our operatives are certified and well trained, fully equipped with most high standard tools and materials in order to provide the best rug cleaning services in the market. By being in rug cleaning business for over 30 years and leaving thousands of happy satisfied customers, all over Los Angeles Area.

We Clean Them All

We understand your necessities, also knowing how frustrating it is to try cleaning the stains and dirt on your new expensive rug and have no success with it. So, we are here to guarantee maximum satisfaction with our rug cleaning methods that combine innovative operations combined with good old traditions.

We Are Available 24/7

Before cleaning your Rugs, we thoroughly vacuum them in order to remove all loose surface dirt and dust for better results. Feel free to contact us for further assistance in order to provide you with more information about our services or if you want to book our exclusive rug cleaning service. We will be most than glad to help you and we work even on a short notice.

Rugs & Kilims Cleaning Prices

  1. Wool $2 to $3 linear feet vs square feet
  2. Wool & Silk $2.5 to $4 linear feet vs square feet
  3. Silk $3 to $5 linear feet vs square feet


With a legacy of 43 years delivering affordable luxury rugs worldwide, ABC Rugs Kilims proudly extends its expertise to rug cleaning services at wholesale rates. Trusted globally, having shipped over 2 million rugs since 1975, ABC Rugs Kilims is your reliable partner in preserving heirloom carpets.

Expertise in Every Wash: Washing handmade rugs demands skilled hands and discerning eyes. Our dedicated wash and repair team collaborates with you to create a tailored wash plan, addressing the unique needs of your rug. From pre-existing conditions like dry rot, pet stains, worn areas to dye bleed, we adapt our cleaning approach for the safest and most effective results.

Green and Certified Cleaning: Our commitment to environmental consciousness shines through our use of certified green cleaning products. The hypoallergenic and non-toxic solutions we employ make our cleaning process safe for all environments, including homes with children and pets.

Cleaning Process:

1. Pre-Inspection

  • Assessing the rug’s condition, checking for stains, evaluating colorfastness, and devising a customized wash plan.

2. Dusting & Dry Soil Removal

  • Employing a meticulous process to eliminate dirt, dust, pet hair, and debris from the rug's surface.

3. Spot & Stain Treatment

  • Penetrating deep into the fibers to effectively remove unwanted spillage.

4. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

  • Utilizing hot water to eliminate stubborn stains and dirt that evade regular vacuuming. This step eradicates allergens, bacteria, or mold present in your rug.

5. Rinse & Water Removal

  • Ensuring the rug's size and integrity remain intact. Excess water is efficiently removed before the drying process.

6. Drying

  • A thorough drying process prevents mildew, ensuring your rug smells fresh and remains in pristine condition.

Experience the excellence of ABC Rugs Kilims rug cleaning service, where every wash is a meticulous and eco-friendly affair. Contact us to schedule your rug's spa day today!