Rugs Restoration in Oxnard

Rugs Repair and Restoration in Oxnard

ABCRUGSKILIMS.COM take care of Your Rug and they are often made from white cotton, wool or silk and extend the length by a few centimeters at each end and each individual tassel that you grab in your hand runs through the middle of the rug all the way to the other end for repair, emerging as another individual tassel on the opposite end of the fringe, they are knotted and contain a tight twist to an open end. This type of construction and fiber content combine to make rug fringes susceptible to damage and wear. Indeed, both characteristics make rug fringes particularly difficult to clean and maintain. We are highly prepare in the rug repairing service.

How We Repair And Restore (Spotless And Clean)

All rugs fringes (Persian Rugs – Kilims & Oriental Rugs – Kilims) wear out over time and that leads damaging the ends of the rug and its edges. To keep the rug fringes from fraying and unraveling, our well trained and skilled personnel will repair and re-fringe your rug by adding new fridge yarns in the damaged area or by adding replacement fringes by hand.

Rugs Restoration in Oxnard

Rugs & Kilims Repairs Prices

  1. Hand made Original French wool - Wool & Silk & Silk 
  2. Hand made Binding 
  3. Hand made Double knot

Rugs In Oxnard, We Are Cleaning Them All

You can trust your rugs, carpets, kilims etc.. with us, we can clean, repair, restore and even create a new one for your necessities.

When the fringes of the rug have disintegrated partly or completely, the damaged fringing is removed and replaced by a newly hand-knotted thread. Replacing worn-out fringes will give your rug a new refreshing look. Our experts will be matching original fringes as closely as possible, add gorgeous new fringe to make your rug look new again. “We highly recommend binding repair if the sides of the rug are wearing out.”

We Are Available 24/7

Yes, we are open 24 hours 7 days per week 365 days per year, so you have no excuses to reach us with a call, or email if you need your carpet be repair or restore. Fringing and binding will increase the durability and value of your rug. Repairing rugs is a highly skilled craft that is comparable in technique and experience with the rug manufacturing process, Rugs Cleaning CA professionally trained technicians provide the highest quality of service with the best possible results in comprehensive Rugs and Kilims upholstery repair solutions, our years of experience are already recognized by major Oriental rug dealers.

Damaged Oriental Rugs And Carpets Repair

Damaged Oriental, Persian carpet rugs and carpets can be repaired to give you many more years of use and pleasure. However, it is important that repairs are undertaken by experts with the required special skills, so don’t take a chance with your valuable Oriental rug.

Let the professionals at Oxnard Rug Cleaning CA be carried out for you! We offer professional rug repairing services in Oxnard Area, and provide expert hand cleaning for all types of rugs, including new and antique rugs as well as luxurious rugs made from silk, wool, and man-made materials. We pay close attention to problems that come up with the structure of a rug and with use our experience to advise you as to the best course of action.

Every rug is pre-inspected when it arrives at us, and we pay special attention to the sides, ends, and field for any areas of concern. Rugs & Kilims & Tapestry Protection Services Preserve the beauty of your new carpet or rug for years, with our excellent protection plan provided by Oxnard Rugs Cleaning. This protection plan covers area rugs of all fibers for many years of extensive use from the date of delivery.