Caring for your Rug

Caring for your Rug

Modern or traditional, small or large, old or new, rugs are the most innovative accessories to give new life to your room or home. However, their everyday use can slightly dim their spark when they are pressed by furniture or have accumulated dirt on the surface or accidentally stained. 

Nevertheless, their presence alone adds to the beauty of the home and thus they deserve our ultimate care to keep them clean and maintained, which not only increases their life but also helps in boosting its appearance, which will ultimately enhance the room’s entire look, as well. 

Yet, taking care of your fine home accessory should not be a big challenge, but rather a fun task for you. And this can only be done efficiently when you are armed with the proper know-how of keeping your rugs in a good condition. 

Here are some of the ways of how you can take care of your handmade rugs and kilims. 

Rotate your rugs: 

Rotating your rugs regularly may sound a little absurd but it really helps in keeping their unique style alive while nearly doubling the life of your rug. For rugs in entrance and high-traffic areas, look to rotate every 1-2 years. For others, try to stay on a schedule of every 2-5 years. 

Vacuum your rugs but… 

Vacuuming your rug as often as needed is always recommended. Vacuuming the rugs that might have accumulated dirt and stains not only cleans the surface, but also saves you from spending a good amount of expense to get them professionally cleaned as often. However, while it cleans the surface of the rugs and helps it maintain a nicer look, it’s important to do it appropriately  to protect the material and life of your rug. The first or perhaps the only rule of using the vacuum on your rug is not to use the beater bar of your vacuum when vacuuming your fine rug. Depending on the type of vacuum cleaner, you must turn off the beater bar or use the attachment that creates suction to avoid damage to the fine materials. 


Stains and spillage on rugs are very common especially when you have children at home. The very first rule of keeping the rugs clean is to avoid spills, however, when they do happen, use a clean towel as quickly as possible. It helps to absorb the spills so they don’t leave a lasting stain or impact the quality of the rug. Gently clean with cool water and a small amount of dish soap before rinsing again with clean water. Apart from this, sprinkling white vinegar for the pet urine is a scientifically proven way to cope with its negative effects on the rugs as it helps break the enzymes that may cause bad odors. 

Clean professionally as needed: 

Vacuuming your rug will keep it in a good condition, but having your rugs professionally cleaned when it is really needed is highly recommended. Otherwise as dirt gathers on the surface, it may damage its material. The average schedule to get your rugs cleaned is about every 3-5 years, however, these figures may vary based on the use and location of the rugs. It’s best to follow your instincts, as you’ll have a good sense of when it’s time. It’s always best to choose a respected company that specializes in the cleaning of fine, handmade rugs.