Everything You Should Rent for Your Wedding (and What You Shouldn’t)

Purchasing everything as a keepsake might be tempting but will you ever use it again?

Wondering what you Kind Hand Knotted Rugs or Kilims should rent for your wedding or Party and what Kind Rugs or Kilims you should buy? We’re here to help.

At ABC Rugs Kilims, we are happy to make available for short-term rental many of the extraordinary pieces in our high-end rug collection.

Do you need a vintage or new piece for set decoration in a TV show or film? Require added texture and color for a photo shoot? Need a carpet to add dimension to a concert or lecture series? Maybe it’s a special occasion like a birthday or retirement event.

One realization you have when planning a Studio, wedding, Shows, Tv Shows, Films, Meting, Party: You’re spending a ton of money on one day. It’s natural to want to buy everything.

That makes it an investment, right? Not entirely. While it may be tempting to purchase everything (on sale, of course), sometimes it’s actually a better value, less expensive, and a lower chance of a major headache to rent your wedding supplies.

The number one question to ask yourself: Will I really use this item later?

To help you figure out when to throw down the Amex and when to sign a rental agreement, look at These Investment for Arts Hand Knotted Rugs & Kilims.

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