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Persian And Oriental Rugs And Kilims

If you are into home decoration, you definitely know the amazing quality and unmistakable value of Persian and Oriental rugs and kilims. The eye-catching designs, colourful weaves and unlimited varieties make Persian and Oriental rugs and kilims truly unique and mesmerizing. The word ‘kilim’ comes from Turkish origin. It basically refers to a pileless rug. When talking about the method that is used to make Turkish rugs or Oriental rugs, it’s usually called the “flatweaving”

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A Look at Rug Fabrics

In your search for the perfect Persian rugs, kilims, or oriental rugs, you’ll be faced with the challenge of choosing the right fabric. Your choices are as wide as the reasons you’ll have to buy one, whether it’s as a beautiful floor covering, elegant decoration, or a comfortable place to do yoga. There are many different types of materials that can be used in these rugs, which is why it’s important to know your options

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A Brief History of Persian Rugs and Kilims

As Iran, or traditionally called Persia, is rich in history and culture, Persian rugs — have a deep historical tradition and have come a long way from Greek culture to the modern-day era.  As old as almost time itself, Persian rugs, which are the symbol of artistic perfection and cultural magnificence, date back about 2500 years. The Iranians were the pioneers of weaving the rugs by hand, a delicate skill which they had acquired from

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