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ABC Rugs Kilims Inc. are looking for professional Dealer and Interior Designer to join our team marketing our Rugs, Kilims, Tapestry, Oushak Rugs, Aubusson, Contemporary, European, Shaggy and Traditional Rugs. antique, new – Silk and Wool, Custom made in any sizes and designs available for your clients.

We welcome all the dealers, interior designers and Online Businesses in the United States and Canada.

ABC Rugs Kilims Inc. offers Special price for Retailers, Designers, Online Businesses and Consignees. As you log in as a general user, you can see our retail prices. To claim your special price as Retailer, Designer and Consignee, complete the registration form. Then we will contact you with the Application, upon filing the application and providing the proper documents, you will be one of our dealers. Then, upon your login, you will see your special price on our website.

Interior Designers

ABC Rugs Kilims Inc.  has a talented team of professionals and experts to assist the design community with their projects and clients. Our staff works with Dealers / interior designers, decorators, and architects daily in complementing and enhancing your vision. You are important to us and we value working with the design community. Contact us if you would like to visit any of our global showrooms.



Large Selection:   We have an incredible selection of both wool and silk rugs & kilims, new as well as antique, in modern and classic designs. With thousands of rugs to choose from, in virtually any style, design, shape, size or color you will find what you are looking for.

Finest Quality:  You are looking for the finest quality at the best price to offer your clients. Our merchandise is composed only of the highest quality materials and vegetal tints, a process overseen by our expert teams and Design Center associates.

Competitive Prices:  As the manufacturer, only we can offer unbeatable prices, allowing you and your clients to save thousands of dollars off retail. We offer excellent and competitive commission rates to Trade professionals, as well as Trade discounts.

Experience you can Trust:  With over 39 years in manufacturing, cleaning, restoring, and appraising Persian Rugs – which has earned us a top position among our industry professionals – you can count on our professionalism, expertise, and high quality service. Our well-trained staff can help you find what you are looking for quickly and efficiently. We also buy only from the most select manufacturers in different countries.

Complementing our Partners:  We partner with design professionals, complementing your business, providing valuable design insight and knowledge – our goal is to make your work easier. We appreciate you to company your clients to our showroom, or take away samples to show them. We treat your business as part of our business.

Custom Orders:  We offer a unique opportunity to Dealers / designers to have personalized or custom design rugs, kilims, etc. made based upon your specifications. Contact our Design Center Associates to assist you with making your vision a reality. Offer your clients something truly unique.

Financing:  We provide credit lines and a consignment facility to our dealers and interior designers.

Online Catalogue:  ABC Rugs Kilims Inc. website has Variety of Rugs, Kilims and Tapestries to choose from. Use this tool with your customers to find the right piece to complement their home or business.
Contact us to request for more information and/or to participate in our Dealer and Interior Designer program. Once you become involved in our Dealer and Interior Designer program you will set special prices only available to Dealer and Interior Designers.

ABC Wholesale, Consignment & Partnership :

Do you want to become a successful business owner? Is product an issue for you? Would you like to build something that you can be proud of?

ABC Rugs Kilims Inc. located in North America is a great place to start. We have been a successful business since 1980 and we are proud of our services. Owning an Art Gallery & Rug store can be the business model that you’re looking for. We offer our support and our product with a way of doing business that makes sense to you.

You will not be disappointed with us. In addition to a great business model we will offer the support of our entire team as you are building your bissines Even when your business is up and running, you can count on the ABC team to offer continual support, no matter the situation.

Our goal is for you to have a successful business as you thrive in the USA and Canada for years to come.

With ABC Rugs Kilims Inc., that goal is 100% attainable.

We make it easy for you to start a location with our successful team of specialists. We treat you like a business partner, providing consistent support through the ongoing management of your location.

Opportunity and Partnerships in Canada: Ontario – USA: California – Nevada

Are you a qualified home design business owner?

  • – Any interested in: Rugs & Kilims & Tapestry & Art & Gifts
  • – Do you have experience in: Rug & Carpet Stores, Furniture Stores, Home Improvement, Flooring, Auctioneer, and Interior Designer?

Do you want to have more business & profit?
If yes, an ABC Wholesaler, Consignment & Partnership is for you.

Qualified persons who wish to become their own business owner can now easily join a partnership with ABC Rugs Kilims Inc.

Consignment and Partnership requires the following:

  • – A good business location w/ Showroom with over 2000 Sq ft
  • – Our Team of specialists can assist with finding a location!
  • – Working from 9am to 6pm 6 days a week
  • – Successful marketing & advertisement
  • – Professionals with sales experience
  • – Excellent credit, with strong sales over a period of 3 years or more
  • – Full Insurance for damages, fires, theft, loss, etc
  • – Initial investments (paid to ABC Rugs Kilims Inc.) start at $20,000 to $60,000 as Partnership
  • You provide yourself with a location

We can help you with the following:

  • – Inventory from $100,000 to $300,000
  • – With our massive selection of inventory ranges from 200,000 different items the possibilities are endless
  • – Marketing your own brand
  • – Growing your own business
  • – Acquiring wealth
  • – Gaining experience

With a simple investment and the right mindset, You can earn the living you want.

With ABC Rugs Kilims Inc. quantity of stock as well as + 39 years in the home design industry, we will always be there to assist you as our partner.

Investment, Experience, Merchandise, Website, Rugs Racks, Successful marketing & advertisement and Manufacturer Competitive Pricing,

How We Support Our ABC Wholesaler, Consignment & Partnership:

We understand that not everyone has experience running their own successful Art Gallery & Rugs store Wholesaler, Consignment & Partnership

We educate our Wholesaler, Consignment & Partnership on how to run effective and profitable Art Gallery &Rugs store businesses—from correct and efficient recruiting, to staff training, marketing, and above all, treating every Art Gallery & Rugs customer like royalty.

We will provide you and your staff with a complete business training program. Each Art Gallery & Rugs store is designed to need only a small staff, so management is simple after your initial training.

Please Call us to make an appointment (323) 897 5444